zondag 18 september 2011

working on my granny square blacket

Hello lovelies,
here is a little update on my granny square blacket. Whenever I have a little time I take my crochet to make yet another granny square. I know the colours are a very bright, I would say fluorecent (and they are!!) but it's what my daughter ordered. She a lovely bright girl who's off in a couple of months. She's moving in with her boyfriend and I wanted to give her a little something to remind her of me. I'm dreading the day she's moving out but i'm keeping up a strong face.......... And I also had a bit of bad luck (more about that further on). Time to reflect :
What do you think.......not to bright I hope?

We got inspired by these lovely bright Dhalia's in the garden....

They are so lovely and still blooming this time of year.

And this what I stil have to do, putting the ends in, and saving it until last (not a good idea...)

And this is my foot after a big crash on the pavement

And now i'm forcefully staying at home...

I will certainly have time to make lots of  granny squares for my daughter...i will let you know in a few days. Hopefully I will have my blancket ready so I can do my first revealing....

Hope you lovelies will start the week with a lot of joy, i'm staying at home with my plaster cast..reading lots of your blogs...

:p  and XOXO

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello CC , welcome to blogland !!! I love your squares , they are going to make a gorgeous blanket.
    Your foot looks very sore...hope it gets better soon !
    I've been having trouble commenting too ...hope this works :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. Love your crochet blanket! The brighter the better I say as it's very cheery.

    Leah x

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  4. Oh nee Caro, beterschap voor je voet! Maar je vierkantjes zien er prachtig uit, mooie kleurencombinatie!

    liefs van Maaike