woensdag 28 september 2011

the first taadaaah....!!!!

I'm so excited to show you my first finished project. The granny blacket for my daughter is finished and I truly hope you will like it. During my time at home (due to my little "meeting" with the pavement!) I had al lot of time on my hands. Between people visiting me en me trying to manage by myself I had lots of time to lay out the squares (and change the order a lot of times), finishing the ends, sewing the squares together (thank you bunny mummy for your lovely tutorial) and then finishing of with a border grannystyle.

I'm curios what you all will think of my granny blancket.

Here it is...

What do you think? The border is a little bit frilly but I like it this way.....Next time I'm making sure it does not happen again.

The dog seems to like it to......

 And here is a close up.......

I was enjoing taking pictures and I went a little over board.....

I got this beautifull orchid from a dear friend. She gave it to me because of my sore foot....isn't that nice...;p

Love, love, love that colour fushia.

Tomorrow I'm off to the doctor to get rid of my cast, hopefully I'll be out of it as we're planning a weekend (in 2 weeks) away in celebration of my liberation (hihihi).

Hope you all will enjoy the lovely weather this weekend and hope i'll be up and about next week.


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