woensdag 28 september 2011

the first taadaaah....!!!!

I'm so excited to show you my first finished project. The granny blacket for my daughter is finished and I truly hope you will like it. During my time at home (due to my little "meeting" with the pavement!) I had al lot of time on my hands. Between people visiting me en me trying to manage by myself I had lots of time to lay out the squares (and change the order a lot of times), finishing the ends, sewing the squares together (thank you bunny mummy for your lovely tutorial) and then finishing of with a border grannystyle.

I'm curios what you all will think of my granny blancket.

Here it is...

What do you think? The border is a little bit frilly but I like it this way.....Next time I'm making sure it does not happen again.

The dog seems to like it to......

 And here is a close up.......

I was enjoing taking pictures and I went a little over board.....

I got this beautifull orchid from a dear friend. She gave it to me because of my sore foot....isn't that nice...;p

Love, love, love that colour fushia.

Tomorrow I'm off to the doctor to get rid of my cast, hopefully I'll be out of it as we're planning a weekend (in 2 weeks) away in celebration of my liberation (hihihi).

Hope you all will enjoy the lovely weather this weekend and hope i'll be up and about next week.


zondag 18 september 2011

working on my granny square blacket

Hello lovelies,
here is a little update on my granny square blacket. Whenever I have a little time I take my crochet to make yet another granny square. I know the colours are a very bright, I would say fluorecent (and they are!!) but it's what my daughter ordered. She a lovely bright girl who's off in a couple of months. She's moving in with her boyfriend and I wanted to give her a little something to remind her of me. I'm dreading the day she's moving out but i'm keeping up a strong face.......... And I also had a bit of bad luck (more about that further on). Time to reflect :
What do you think.......not to bright I hope?

We got inspired by these lovely bright Dhalia's in the garden....

They are so lovely and still blooming this time of year.

And this what I stil have to do, putting the ends in, and saving it until last (not a good idea...)

And this is my foot after a big crash on the pavement

And now i'm forcefully staying at home...

I will certainly have time to make lots of  granny squares for my daughter...i will let you know in a few days. Hopefully I will have my blancket ready so I can do my first revealing....

Hope you lovelies will start the week with a lot of joy, i'm staying at home with my plaster cast..reading lots of your blogs...

:p  and XOXO

vrijdag 9 september 2011

My first attempt!!!!!

Hey all you lovelies,
anybody there? I don't think so for the moment. This is my first attempt (and in English) at joining the creative bloggers all over the world and I feel pretty small for the moment (even though I'm quite tall for a women). I've been following you lady's for some time now and enjoyed every minute of it. Your creativity has given me much needed diversion this summer as I had a little accident and was forcefully exiled to stay at home. A lot  of changes have been happening around me en a lot will change in the future to.

Since then I've taken up crochet again, I used to do that a lot but you know when children come in to your life every thing changes. They becomen your top priority!! My dear grandmother teached me the ropes (I called her bobonne).

So I want to show you my babysteps towards the making of a granny square blancket. (tell you about the pattern soon).

Here you see some scraps of wool I found, there rather flashy colours but it's a blacket for my daughter. She's moving out soon and I wanted to give her something to remind me of. She loves flashy colours.  Do you see my first three attemps. What do you think, so nearly there.
 ;-)   Only 75 squares to go......

Have to go now as time flies when you are having fun. 

Hope you enjoyed this little insight and hope to hear from all you lovelies in the future.

Enjoy your day eventhough it's grey!!!!!!!

Lots of love..........CC  xoxo

P.S. Forgive me for the layout, I wanted something else but probably did something wrong! I'm going to fix that!!