vrijdag 9 september 2011

My first attempt!!!!!

Hey all you lovelies,
anybody there? I don't think so for the moment. This is my first attempt (and in English) at joining the creative bloggers all over the world and I feel pretty small for the moment (even though I'm quite tall for a women). I've been following you lady's for some time now and enjoyed every minute of it. Your creativity has given me much needed diversion this summer as I had a little accident and was forcefully exiled to stay at home. A lot  of changes have been happening around me en a lot will change in the future to.

Since then I've taken up crochet again, I used to do that a lot but you know when children come in to your life every thing changes. They becomen your top priority!! My dear grandmother teached me the ropes (I called her bobonne).

So I want to show you my babysteps towards the making of a granny square blancket. (tell you about the pattern soon).

Here you see some scraps of wool I found, there rather flashy colours but it's a blacket for my daughter. She's moving out soon and I wanted to give her something to remind me of. She loves flashy colours.  Do you see my first three attemps. What do you think, so nearly there.
 ;-)   Only 75 squares to go......

Have to go now as time flies when you are having fun. 

Hope you enjoyed this little insight and hope to hear from all you lovelies in the future.

Enjoy your day eventhough it's grey!!!!!!!

Lots of love..........CC  xoxo

P.S. Forgive me for the layout, I wanted something else but probably did something wrong! I'm going to fix that!!

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